Sunday, March 28, 2010

Necrophobic-Satanic Blasphemies [Sweden]

Satanic Blasphemies

Best Of / Compilation, Regain Recs
July 7th, 2009

This Is A Compilation Of Necrophobic's Studio Demos And Their EP "The Call."

Track List:

01.-Slow Asphyxiation 04:04
02.-Realm Of Terror 03:30
03.-Retaliation 03:41
04.-Sacrificial Rites 05:38
05.-Unholy Prophecies 05:45
06.-Inborn Evil 04:58
07.-Shadows Of The Moon 01:09
08.-The Ancients Gate 05:32
09.-Father Of Creation 06:12

Total Playing Time 40:29

Blackened Death Metal!

Download Here:

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