Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hieronym Inferiorum-Worship To Asmodeus-VIVIVI-666-FFF [Greece]

Worship To Asmodeus

Demo, Self-released

Track List:

01.-Cursed Flutes of Witchcraft [From the Souls of the Heretics] 02:15
02.-Worship to Demononymous Asmodeus 05:06
03.-My Soul Returns to Daemonocult Cemeteries of Middle Age 06:35
04.-Hymn for Asmodeus, Exorcism for the Profanated Christian Souls 03:19
05.-Hermetical Pilgrim of the Ancient Fire [Upon the Forgotten Hills] 05:29
06.-Knowledge from the Grand Lemegethon 07:04
07.-Diabolical Revenge of the Black Gods [Unworld Sounds] 03:45

Total Playing Time 33:33

Black Metal!

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