Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fog-Through The Eyes Of Night...Winged They Come [USA]

Through The Eyes Of Night...Winged They Come

Full-length, WWIII / Dark Horizon Records
April 2001

Track 1 [Intro] is not listed on the CD Sleeve. There is a 9:37 bonus
track/outro on some versions.

Re-released as 12” LP by Ordealis Records in 2004.

Track List:

01.-Intro 00:40
02.-In Magnificent Glory 07:26
03.-By This Axe We Rule 06:28
04.-The Leech Within 07:33
05.-Whispered Myths [Of Ancient Times] 04:51
06.-Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come 08:29
07.-In The Sorrow Of A Crimson Sea 06:57
08.-The Storm Unholy 07:24
09.-Bonus Track 09:37

Total Playing Time 59:25

Black Metal!

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