Monday, February 1, 2010

Dom Dracul-Attack On The Crucified [Sweden]

Attack On the Crucified

Full-length, Satanic Propaganda Records

Re-released in 2006 on CD by Blasphemous Underground Prods. It is a digipack with embossed artwork.

Track List:

01.-666 Drops of Blood 03:52
02.-Attack on the Crucified 05:33
03.-Cold Presence 03:54
04.-From Dark Evil 04:26
05.-No Hope for Heaven 04:04
06.-Under Black Skies 03:39
07.-Unholy Merciless Hate 04:18
08.-This is the End (Suicide) 05:21
09.-You Don't Move Me [I Don't Give a Fuck] Tribute To Quorthon 03:23

Total Playing Time 38:40

Black Metal!

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