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Osculum´s Interview [Mexico]

1.-Unholy greetings Lord Of the Dismal Moon, Can you give us the history of Osculum? Well Thanks to you Bro for this space, Osculum began during the year of 1993, created by Haim, (Strangulations Strings), and its until 1994, when joined Victhorn and Autumn, but Haim and Autumn has been involved in others bands, like Empty Demused (1991) and Ancestral. Osculum recorded a Demo in 1994 under this line up, and other members on second guitars and bass. The demo wasn’t distributed for the bad quality of sound…

2.-Why did you choose this simply name and what is it supposed to evoke? Osculum came from the Ancient well know rite called “Osculum Obscenum”, and evoke the Witches Sabbath, you know when into Sabbath all witches kiss the ass of the Almighty Goat. we decide to put it just Osculum, because Osculum Obscenum it was very long name.

3.-How about your involvement with the true raw black fucking metal and how many stuffs have been released so far? Well, first we decide to create Osculum because, We were involved into another bands before Osculum, and we hate all about Christian and religions feelings, then we started to write ands composed music to express all our hate to the false religions, our respect to the Ancients Cultures, our respect towards the Occultism. And for other way we just recorded a demo in 1994, but it wasn’t distributed cause contains a bad sound quality.

4.-How does Osculum´s music differ from other black metal hordes in your city? Can you define your music style for us? Well its easy, Osculum plays not so fast, our style is a kind of Black ritualistic metal with melodic parts. I know some great bands like Black Vomit, Aiwass, Vociferous, Hiborym, Labei Ritual, for to mention some from the old School scene and my respects to them, they’re our wingers in this battle against Christianity. The difference here it’s that Osculum plays, music that we want to play. We don’t need to play fast, for to be the Sons Of Satan.

5.-What was the response of the crowd in your city, since they are many old school metal maniacs? Now, it’s very poor, cause at the time, exist a lot of drunks posers. I that time it was a few people that we consider big black metal fans. We preserve a lot of our friends that even we seen in a Osculum gigs, obviously, a lot of them doesn’t exist anymore, but, We don’t care, only the true ones don’t fear. But Anyway I like to see some people for me consider being part from the Monterrey Old school Black Metal scene, and they know who they are.

6.-Name some influences, both musically and lyrically that define a bit of what you do? Well, some influence for us some bands like: Von, Sarcofago, Chakal, Mutilator, Necrovore, Poison, Bathory, Venom, Emperor, Mayhem, Morbid, Mephisto, Darkthrone, Vassago, Satyricon, Marduk, Funeral Mist, for to mention some. But We like the Old Death Metal Scene from Sweden, Holland, England, Southamerican scene, U.S.A., we like a lot of bands with different styles of music. Lyrically our influences consist in all about Satan existence.

7.-How has success changed your life? Well, very simply, we growing with the metal in the veins, so when we playing live, every gig is a style of live, you know. Although we live our normal live, cause the situation here in Mexico, but nothing more than support the Black Metal scene. To Play Black Metal its a live style.

8.-Talking about influences Osculum is clearly influenced by true black metal bands, do you also draw influences from any other styles? Yeah....., in particular opinion one of my faves bands are Katatonia, I like the Doom Metal Music, bands like; My Dying Bride, Cathedral, Anathema, Paradise Lost, October Tide, and as I said before the Old School Death Metal Acts and every Osculum member had they particular influences, that at the same thing are the same bands.

9.-Of the tracks that appear on your Reh / Demo, which would you say is the most personal to you? Well, for the Reh/demo not appear the Osculum Obscenum song, but this one its the most significant to me, because it was the first lyric that I wrote (the first one it was Woods of Agony that not was recorded in this stuff). I wrote Osculum Obscenum in the year of 1992-1993 I don’t remember exactly, but it was before the Osculum foundation.

10.-Do you consider Black Fucking Metal as an art? And why? Or why not? Yeah.. Black Metal its a art, it means knowledge, power, occultism, and all things about the Unknow, that actually you dont found anything about this in a book store, and Why?, Cause there is not much people that know about this, although I enjoy to play Black Metal, cause it a art, and for to make a art you need to be wise, and for to be wise you need to know about the ancestors, its like a vicious circle.

11.-What is your personal opinion about today´s black metal trendy bands? Only trendy fashion shit. I only know about true black metal act, here in Mexico and they are friends of mine, the other ones only are a children playing for to be a bad guys.

12.-What do you think about the internet and the new technology? Do you think that man controls technology or does technology control man? Its very curious cause when we start to play there is not internet and msn, you know about the traditional mail, We always speak shit about the internet, but nowadays is very important, we don´t care about the internet, but we have our my space on line.

13.- How much a week do you rehearse? Do you do rehearsals always with beers or alcohol? Yeahh...........Well nowdays not much rehearsal, 1 time every week, but yeahhh, with or without rehersal a lot of beer and tequila............. jajajaja

14.-Now, about your beliefs do you consider yourself a Satanist? What do you believe or believe in? Yes I believe in Satan and the Ocultism, Satan is a Supreme Deity, and I believe Him cause the Realm Of Satan there is not hipocrisy...........

15.-Since the release of Reh / Demo 1994 till now, you have disappeared from the scene what happened to the band since then? Well, in that time we disappeared cause I’ve to traslate my residence to other state for 2 years, and Osculum holding for that time, but We returned again, and start to play live here in Monterrey and other cities, and prepare new material since demo 94.

16.-Finally you have returned!!! How have been the reactions to the underground scene? Its different, very good reactions, the metal scene here in Monterrey its growning a lot, althought exist a lot of childish shit, but even exist the old school bands of the begining of the 90’s. And the answer about the Osculum return have been good, cause we’ve played pretty much here in Monterrey an other cities, and always ask us about the new material, but as you know its not ready yet.

17.-Why did you return after so many years of silence? And why all those years of silence? Because we always felt the Black Metal in this 16 years of melodic music. We reunited after 2 years of silence, and I said before I’ve to chance my residence to other place, and Osculum holdin between 2001-2003. But We are back again to profane the grace of good.

18.-What´s going on with the band right now? What will the future bring? Well, Nowadays We have 2 new members in the band who are Schakal Blood of Black Vomit on bass and Alan Exanime on Guitars, and with this news members we start to compose new music for a future material, that of course it will be with more punch into Osculum style of music.

19.-Have you been working on the new material? Yeah… but now as I Said before with the new members, but we are now working in the design of the cover of our debut album The Horned Master with Rex Bagude.

20.-We Heil and thank you for your time, Victhorn. Please tell us what we can expect from next from Osculum!! Well just say to you thanks for this space Bro, you can expect a real band, supporting the scene through the years. Wait for The Horned Master Osculum Debut Album through Rex Bagude.. and support the real Black Metal scene…….visit our my space web page…………………

JOIN US TO THE SHAITAN LEGIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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