Saturday, September 19, 2009

Horg-Live In Monterrey

Pics taken from the Rock House Monterrey, Mexico
Horg was born in March 27, 2008, after the hidden thought of creating music with roots and cult, thus being the first title of the band "Nifelheim", then the band was formed by Ulfhednar (lead guitar), Perpetuum ( drums), Gabriel (bass), Abyssic Thunder (vocals) and Arkab Wolfmr (vocals), bearing in mind a different ideology local bands, and well out the first demo (Nifelheim) limited to a few copies, but shortly after two members of the band (bass and drums) decided to take a step back and leave the band, Horg went ahead and soon joined the band Tyr (rhythm guitar), Balder (bass) and Hardradda (drums), making it the current line-up of Horg, With pride and honor in their hands the band continued, with good accepted in the concerts they decided to launch the latest demo entitled "La Ultima Batalla" produced by "¿NOSOTROS? PRODUCTIONS in 2009, containing five tracks and an outro. Currently, the band still stands, by force, blood and sword entwined and united for glory!
This band is from Durango, Mexico and play Pagan Black Metal...

Horg- La Ultima Batalla [2009]

Track List:

01.-Intro 01:13
02.-Stamford Brigde 05:43
03.-Alma Pagana 04:41
04.-Sonidos De Guerra 04:40
05.-Horg 05:54
06.-Fornicacion [Satan Cover] 04:12

Total Playing Time 26:23

Pagan Black Metal!

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Track List:

01.-Intro 05:16
02.-Forjados Por Las Llamas De La Guerra 04:48
03.-Hammeren 06:07
04.-Fornicacion [Black Metal Version] [Satan Cover] 04:03
05.-Lost Wisdom [Burzum Cover] 04:31
06.-Wir Rufen Deine [Bilskirnir Cover] 03:16
07.-Nifelheim 04:39

Total Playing Time 32:40

Black Metal!

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