Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cain-Trivmvira [Italy]

Cain is an Italian Black Metal band formed by ex members of VII Arcano and Theatres Des Vampires, their music is a raw, thrash influenced black metal. Their lyrics deals with the glory of Ancient Rome and some political themes.
Trivmvira is the first album of the Italian National Socialist Black Metal band Cain, All lyrics are written and sung in Italian language. The last two tracks are from the first demotape “Dioscuri Aurea Saecula”.

Full-length, Vampyrica Officina Records

Track List:

01.-Il Tempio Del Bifronte 03:20
02.-Carmina Praetoria 03:11
03.-Ama Il Ferro 03:43
04.-Il Cantico Della Carogna 05:43
05.-Carma Pitagorico 05:09
06.-Lapis Niger 04:22
07.-Catacomb Worms 06:29
08.-Dioscuri Aurea Saecula 08:10

Total playing time 40:03

Praetorian Black Metal!

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