Friday, June 21, 2013

Boulesis-Echoes Into The Abyss [ Brazil ]

"Echoes Into The Abyss" is the first work of Boulesis. Lauched in 2011, this album explores the dark atmosphere with raw synths: A satire in the form of disapproval of any technique that has been imposed on the metal. Boulesis can create a feeling of immersion dark and taciturn. An Attempt to be vanguard or criticism of it. This is Boulesis, just desire [ In Ancient Greek ]. The title is a reference question satirized the whole Platonic tradition- The world of discourse that sustains ideal concepts such as "Technical Development".
Contry Of Origin: Brazil
Location: Campo Grande
Status: Active
Genre: Ambient / Atmospheric / Drone / Black Metal
Type: Full-lenght
Release Date: December 31st  2010
Label: Self-released / Independent
Track List:
01.-Echoes Into The Abyss 07:18
02.-Amor Vincit Omnia 05:06
03.-Katarsis 04:09
04.-Morpheus 05:16
Total Playing Time 21:49
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