Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lux Funestus-En El Dominio De La Muerte [Mexico]

En El Dominio De La Muerte

Lux Funestus plays atmospheric black metal inspired by depression, feelings, storms, thoughts and other decadent ideals. They have a demo titled "En El Dominio De La Muerte" with a raw and atmospheric sound was recorded at the end of 2010 with Lucas Alexander in all instruments.

Currently alternate lineup:

Lucas Alexander-Guitar, Piano And Vocals
Grave: Bass

They are currently working on what will be their second demo which take title tentatively as: "“Fragmentos Y Silencios De Un Momento” " and this will include 4 tracks and the main idea is released in Cassette format would be independently. Will have new line-up then was joined the band a new drummer: Tòrden who replaced Nokturnal.

If you are interested in your first demo write to:

Lux Funestus-En El Dominio De La Muerte

Demo 2011


Track List:

01.-Dances From Solitude And Fog
02.-Cronología De La Muerte
04.-Frozen Tears By Winter

Total Playing Time 26:15

Atmospheric Black Metal!

Download Here:

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