Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ammattammen Bas-Estanna Yabny Estanna [Egypt]

Estanna Yabny Estanna

Demo, Egyptian Black Metal Syndicate
November 3rd, 2003

Guest vocals on Klimdateez by FawzAemon.

The "Gate Ov Nini" was originally composed by Beherit as "The Gate Of Nanna".

Track List:

01.-In-Vokation 01:52
02.-Ammattammen Bas 00:45
03.-Neik (Just Do It) 01:03
04.-Fustaan Kuun Lapset 01:17
05.-Mint Tea Til Sugar Skog 01:29
06.-Klimbdateez 01:19
07.-The Gate Ov Nini 01:54
08.-Out-Vokation 01:04

Total Playing Time 10:43

Black Metal!

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