Saturday, August 22, 2009

Occultus-Caín & Abel [Colombia]

Occultus-Caín & Abel
Demo, Fallen Angel Records
April 1995

Recorded at the rehearsal place of the band on a 8 track recorder. All songs composed and arranged by Occultus, Except "The Gate Of Nanna" by Beherit.

Line up:
Serpent: Vocal, Acustical and electric guitar
Beast: Bass and acustical guitar
Jaal: Drums

Track List:

01.-Evocación [Intro] 01:33
02.-Reino Oscuro 05:08
03.-La Bestia Segunda 06:30
04.-Semilla Del Demonio 01:45
05.-Hades [Interludio] 02:07
06.-Caín & Abel 07:55
07.-Rotting Christ 04:04
08.-The Gate Of Nanna [Beherit Cover] 03:40
09.-Hijo del Amanecer [Desenlace] 01:32

Total Playing Time 34:14

Melodic Black Metal !

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