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Gorthorn´s Discography [United Kingdom]

Was founded in late 2005 by Joe, who wanted to create a project along the same lines as Mortiis [Era 1], Burzum and Vangelis. Gorthorn was originally a part time musical project when it started, but now it´s a full-time one manned project which Joe takes very seriously. Every album [past, present and future] will either represent seasons, feelings or atmospheric soundscapes.

Gorthorn´s Discography
The Winter Cold
Track List:

01.-Beacon 03:23
02.-Die Liebe Nerpus [Burzum Cover] 02:24
03.-Glacial Tunnel 02:43
04.-Melting Snow 03:32
05.-Snowflakes 03:31
06.-Where Are You..... [Original] 02:26
07.-Where Are You..... [Remix] 02:26
08.-Stalactmites & Stalagtites 01:32
09.-Ice Monastery 03:12
10.-The Winter Cold 10:12
11.-Reflection In The Ice 01:33
12.-A Cold Demise 02:43
13.-A New Dawn 03:06

Total Playing Time 42:43

Black Ambient Experimental Atmospheric Metal !

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Gorthorn-Gjennom Stiløse Skoger
Track List:

01.-Into The Forest, I Wander....[Intro] 03:31
02.-Clouds 03:18
03.-Icey Waterfall 02:45
04.-Chrysalis [Extended Version] 03:04
05.-Chrysalis [Original] 01:42
06.-Do Not Be So Sad.... 03:45
07.-Gjennom Stiløse Skoger 06:51
08.-Summon The Ancient Gods 02:43
09.-The River Is Near...... [Outro] 02:29

Total Playing Time 30:08

Black Ambient Experimental Metal !

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Track List:

01.-Frozen Heroes Of The Great Battle Of Ice 06:16
02.-Interstellar Beauty 06:06
03.-Long Lasting Night 02:38
04.-Saddened Spirit 02:20
05.-Sleep 03:15

Total Playing Time 20:35

Ambient Metal !

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