Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zyklon B-Blood Must Be Shed [Norway]

Zyklon B-Blood Must Be Shed
EP, Malicious Records

Released as MR 005

Samoth: guitars, bass
Frost: drums
Draug Aldrahn: vocals
Ihsahn: keyboards

Re-released in 2004 by Blackend with a bonus track "Total Warfare (Sea Serpent

LP edition by Back On Black, 2008. Red vinyl.

The soundclips on the track "Warfare", are taken from Bob Larson's show "Talk
Back", with Boyd Rice as a guest on that particular one.

Track List:

01.-Mental Orgasm 02:54
02.-Bloodsoil 02:25
03.-Warfare 05:35

Total Playing Time 10:54

Black Metal!

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