Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dew Of Nothing-Outsider Advance [Mexico]

Dew Of Nothing was born in December of 1996, with the idea to play fast and technical death metal, some months later of rehearsing and compose some tracks, they started the promotion of the band by playing in some places of Mexico City, then they began to prepare their first demo, in Aug-97 they recorded their first work at M.A.T. Studios having as results a five tracks + intro + outro demo.
At least it helped in 1998 to get a contract with Toaj Recs from Mexico City to record in a professional studio eight tracks + intro + outro being it released as cassette-lp titled “Doubleueird” with excellent art work and sound, as this cassette-lp has been pretty well accepted they realized that they have to move on to another level of promotion and exposure of their music.
 The same 1998 immediately they found Chicago’s based Sempiternal Prods as the proper label to release “Doubleueird”on cd version and also taking care of worldwide promo and distribution while dew of nothing performs live shows in different states of the country with the most representative bands of the death metal genre in Mexico.
In 2000 the band went to the studio to record “The Hatehunger” it was released by Sempiternal Prods and Utterly Somber Creations from Chicago on vinil  7”,two brand new tracks of pure death metal was pretty well accepted, and Sempiternal Prods & Utterly Somber Creations decided to re-issue on format mcd included two bonus tracks from the album “Doubleueird” to promote the next step of the band, some months later the band splited up.
In 2014 the founder of the band Rene Dewbomber and Kent Kant H.Q.  come back to the scene to record a new cd, it will be released by the wellknown American Line Prods recording 10 new tracks.
Current Line up:
Anzvz Naassene: Vocals.
Martin: Drums Attack, Guitars, Keyboards.
Rene Dewbomber: Guitars, Bass Guitar.
Title: Outsider
Type: Full-length
Release Date: 2015
Label: American Line Prods
Format: CD &Tape
Track List:
01.-Black Thunder Flames
02.-Leave Him To The Rats
03.-Touched By Evilness
05.-In Your Flesh…The Devil Feast His Trance
06.-Eternal Greed [Gens]
07.-Mystical Ecstasy
08.-My Neurotic
09.-Addicted To Black
10.-Doomed By Omen Circus
Dew Of Nothing:
American Line Prods:
Apdo Postal: 20-297
Mexico 01000, D.F.



01.-Leave Him To The Rats 05:41
02.-Outsider 4:00

Total Playing Time 09:41

Death Metal

Download Here:
P.D.Thnxx Rene Dewbomber for this killer advance,I hope to soon get my hands this fucking release on cd or tape...

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