Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lost In The Shadows-Promo 2013 [Mexico]

Promo 2013
Location: Leon, Gto
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Promo
Release Date: 2013
Label: Independent /Self-released
Track List:
01.-Fighting For Satan Throne [Version 2013]
Total Playing Time 03:42
Download Here:

The band were formed in 2001 by: Alastor-Guitar & Vocals, Geburah-Bass and Dev-Drums, shortly Dalrth joins the band on keyboards and Ishtar Second Guitar [Session].But Dalrth leave to the band by another ideology, Ishtar is replaced By Nebiros.
During the years 2005 to 2008 was recorded his cd entitled "Under the storm of hatred" which was released in 2010 as a limited edition.
2008 Nebiros leave the band, a new beginning with new members: Le'uhgynm and Arsnefas and joins the band Vox Luciferis. That same year the live split was released with the band Infernal Lord in Uruapan and La Piedad Michoacan.
2009 This unholy band participates in a compilation the satanist cult black metal... real mexican in this year after a long time Alasor decided to leave the band for personal reasons and invites Lord Blasphemiis Cephas Of Infernal Lord.
2010 Shared stages with bands such as: Watain, Enthroned, Belphegor, Inquisition, Adumus, Sargatanas, Ereshkigal, Forest Of Doom, Equimanthorn, Infernal Lord, Havoc, Aiwass, Saman, Moon Lighting Hell, Ocularis Infernum, etc.
2011 participates in a split with the following bands: Maledictvs [Mexico] & Moloch [Ukranie] by the label Malstrom Recs.
2011 Important changes occur in the band since Lord Blasphemiis Cephas replaces Lord Geburah on bass, Lamech Heir Reaper replaces to Le'uhgynm…
2013: Lost In The Sadhows get a stable lineup, is preparing a new album which will be launched later this year and which promises to be relevant powerfull and being well received by fans of this evil band.

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