Saturday, February 2, 2013

Amon-Call The Master [Czech Republic]

 Amon-Call The Master

Release Date:March 1996

Track List

01.-Znamení Pentagramu [Sign Of The Pentagram] 06:20
02.-Nábožné Svině [Christian Pigs] 07:56
03.-Koloběh Smrti [Circle Of Death] 04:37
04.-Na Hrobě [On The Grave] 04:59

05.-Steeve Ryder 05:30
06.-Splattercore Movie 05:43
07.-Into The Crypt Of Rays [Celtic Frost Cover] 03:38
08.-Call The Master [Volejte Pana!] 04:55
Total Playing Time 43:38 
Black Metal!
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