Saturday, May 12, 2012

Janaza-Burning Quran Ceremony [Iraq]

Janaza is believed to be the first female-fronted black metal band from an Arab country.

Janaza is Arabic for Funeral.

Janaza is a part of the Arabic Anti-Islamic Legion along Seeds of Iblis from Iraq, تدنيس from Saudi Arabia, مسجد الشيطان (Mosque of Satan) from Lebanon and False Allah from Bahrain.

Current line-up:
Anahita: All Instruments, Vocals [2010]

November 2010
Black Metal Rituals

Track List:

01.-Burn the Pages of Quran 02:35
02.-Islamic Lies 04:09
03.-Arise 02:39
04.-Black Metal Ist Krieg [Nargaroth Tribute] 01:24
05.-When Islam Brainwashed Mankind [Outro] 01:49

Total Playing Time: 12:36

Black Metal!

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