Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nahvas-Hljóðupptaka [Sweden]


Demo, Self-released

March 13th, 2009

Was released in 2 different editions. first edition [15 copies] came with a

bonus track on the Manowar song "wheels Of Fire"

Track List:



03.-Hljóðupptaka I-Call Of The Mist

04.-Hljóðupptaka II-Eternal Damnation

05.-Hljóðupptaka III-Return Of The Awaken

06.-Hljóðupptaka IV-The Rebirth

07.-Hljóðupptaka V-Ressurection

08.-Wheels Of Fire 095 [Manowar Cover]*

09.-Wheels Of Fire 180 [Manowar cover]*

Total Playing Time 32:15

Download Here:

*Bonus- Bonus tracks from the first issue of the demotape

[Each acoustic piece marks the beginning of a new chapter]

Recorded and mixed with professional equipment between 16/9-2008 and 10/3 2009 by Sire Nahvas.

Despite this...the sound is crap. Mostly because my tape recorder is practicly brought back from the dead...


SS- Drums on “Suicide”

Xion- Drums on “Kamikaze”

Mr. Machine- Drums on the rest +**

Sire Nahvas- all Bass, Vocals and Guitars on all songs, Mr. Machine was programed by Sire Nahvas.

All tracks were digitally remastered in the spring of 2010 to bring out the best quality possible...

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