Thursday, June 24, 2010

Detonator- Demo [Hungary]


Demo, No Label


This was the 3rd demo of Detonátor and it has been re-released by Native Pride Prods in the spring of 2004 on CD-R.

Track List:

01.-Bevezetõ [Intro] 01:08

02.-Ravatal [Catafalque] 03:28

03.-A Halál Angyala [Angel Of Death] 02:55

04.-Nyugtalan Emlékek [Restless Memories] 03:54

05.-Életképtelen [Incapable Of Living] 03:58

06.-Az Iszonyat Birodalma [Empire Of Horror] 03:56

07.-Fertõzött Lelkek [Infected Souls] 03:24

Total Playing Time 22:43

Black Thrash Metal!

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