Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nifelheim-Unholy Death [Sweden]

Nifelheim-Unholy Death
Nifelheim-Unholy Death [Sweden]

EP, Primitive Art RecordsDecember 2000

Tyrant-Bestial Holocaust
Hellbutcher-Unholy Deathvomits
Demon-Pounding Disaster

Studio: home recording
Recorded: Between December -92 and January -93
Produced by: Nifelheim
Mastered at: Studio Rövhål
Cover artwork: Hellbutcher
13 ex on blue vinyl with blood on cover
first 100 are numbered and have blood on the cover
200 ex. on black vinyl and post card in
the rest (666 in total) are plain black vinyl

Track List:

01.-Unholy Death 03:01
02.-The Devastation 04:30

Total Playing Time:07:31

Black Metal!

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