Saturday, November 29, 2008

Carnifex & Ominous-Into The Forthcoming Darkskies

Carnifex & Ominous -Into The Forthcoming Darkskies
Track List:

01.-Carnifex-Lost Within
02.-Carnifex-Eternal Paths Of Sorrow
03.-Carnifex-De Fallne Englers Vrede
04.-Ominous-Empty Of You
05.-Ominous-Aintzinakua Naiz Zaharrena (Im The Ancient)
06.-Ominous-Odolan Itotia
07.-Ominous-Hymn To The Dark World
08.-Ominous-In My Land (Act-II)
09.-Ominous-Souls In Pain
10.-Ominous-About The Worms That Bites
11.-Ominous-Conjurations Against The Crawly Chaos
12.-Ominous-La Abominacion Del Ser Que Nunca Pudo Reinar
13.-Ominous-Gods Of War- Nuclear Atomic Desolation
14.-Ominous-Devourer Of Worlds

Total Playing Time: 41:28

Black Metal !

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